About Premier Literacy

Who We Are

At Premier, we have a history of redefining educational solutions.  Recognizing that the incredible and changing pace of technology can often be a challenge to learning rather than a support to learning, we create learning tools that fit the needs of the learner, and we have been doing it since 2002.  We were the first to bring you portable learning tools. We were the first to bring you tools that can be used with industry standard file formats. We were the first to bring board-wide licensing.

Premier for Google Chrome™ is another piece of the learning technology solutions offered by Premier.  It is a comprehensive suite of learning tools that students can access anywhere, anytime on Google Chrome. It contains some of the most powerful tools in our literacy suite and made them available for Chrome.  The Premier for Chrome tools provide students with practical learning solutions for different platforms while retaining the same look and feel of the tools they know how to use.  It provides students with the power and flexibility they need to be successful in the digital age.

With a complete range of product offerings that incorporate desktop computers, Chromebooks and other mediums, Premier provides tools that allow students to create meaningful content and the tools to access them any time, on any device.  Their success is not limited to the physical location of their own computer or their accommodations.  The Premier learning tools are the quintessential offering of learning tools that have, time and again, left people wondering "now why didn't we think of that".

Who We Serve

Since 2002 the primary focus of Premier is to serve students and educators – anywhere and everywhere.  We serve students in school with their teachers.  We serve them at home with their parents so that learning can be an overall family experience..

Through affordable pricing, superior support and flexible licensing models, the student-centered offerings from Premier make it possible to serve large numbers of students in schools across Canada and the United States.  Easy and ready access allows students everywhere to start in elementary school and transition through high school and to post-secondary as well as beyond to the workplace for adults using Premier learning solutions. Premier tools can easily be an integral part of a lifetime of enhanced learning and working..

What We Believe

At Premier Literacy, we have always been committed to providing students with the technologies they need to be successful.  We create meaningful tools that work together to allow students to read, write, study and research.  Like the pieces of a puzzle, Premier provides students with the tools they need to perform the task at hand, wherever they are. We are committed to giving students the tools they need for the times in which they live

At Premier, we see literacy as a repertoire of capabilities that students must have in order succeed academic in an increasingly complex world of content, tools, classrooms and platforms.  At Premier, we believe that technology must be harnessed to bridge literacy education.  We have a long-standing dedication to innovation and design that taps into the natural talents of students across the broad spectrum of cognitive skills and learning styles