Premier Literacy learning tools provide you with reading, composition, study and research solutions for ALL students, letting them use the tools on a wide variety of devices, anywhere, all year long.

With Premier, you have the robust learning tools you need to integrate accessible content in your classroom curriculum and deliver it on Chromebooks, PCs and Macs.

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  • Users can learn and work anywhere from a variety of devices with Premier’s tools.
  • Customizable for individual learning styles and preferences.
  • Provides students with tools to work independently.
  • Builds skills to use technology as “lifestyle tools”.
  • Comprehensive suite of tools is ideal for ALL students regardless of learning/cognitive styles and abilities.
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All the Building Blocks You Need

  • Easy-to-learn, Easy-to use tools.
  • Read aloud any standard file type or web page using selectable and adjustable options for digital voices.
  • Independently read and complete worksheets, quizzes and tests electronically.
  • Multi-faceted word processor with integrated composition and reading tools.
  • Converts digital text to MP3 audio for playback on any MP3 compatible device.
  • Robust electronic dictionary, thesaurus, word prediction and composition analyzer.
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Additional Support for Studying, Research and ELL

  • Highlighting/Extraction, text search and bookmarking make studying and research more efficient.
  • Summarization of electronic content and web pages using language model analysis.
  • Real-time conceptual translation between 6 languages.
  • Easy access to comprehensive tools for online reading, writing, studying and research.
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Keys for Your Administration and Management Team

  • Flexible and extremely affordable product licensing.
  • Technical support and upgrades are included with your license.
  • Multi-platform tools are accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Flexible deployment options are available for all platforms.
  • Compatible with other leading edge technologies like speech-to-text,online learning and social media.
  • Management options for tool access.
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