E-Text Reader is designed as an overall robust reading, writing and studying tool.  You can benefit from E-Text Reader to help read ANY electronic document in a wide variety of formats.  E-Text Reader will read the many literature titles now available in electronic format (“E-Books, or E-Text”) and documents in Standard Text, MS Word, RTF (“Rich Text Format”), HTML and DAISY formats.  It also includes the break-through auditory highlighting feature, enabling you to see and hear the most relevant parts of a document through audible changes. 

E-Text Reader includes key features:

  • Continuous reading of electronic books and documents aloud
  • Highlight / Extract study tools
  • Content Summary
  • Bookmarks 
  • AND much more...

With E-Text Reader, you can also access files from your local drive and Cloud-based storage services such as Google Drive™ and Dropbox™.

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Comprehensive reader with text-to-speech

  • Easy access to your files.  Simply open up an existing electronic document or e-book with E-Text Reader.  You can also copy and paste text from any program into E-Text Reader.
  • Compatible with a variety of documents in industry standard formats including E-books, Standard Text, MS Word Doc and Docx, Rich Text Format (RTF), HTML and Bookshare (Daisy XML format)
  • Read your electronic documents aloud continuously.  You can also stop and continue reading anywhere within your document.
  • Adjustable voice rate allows you to control the speed of the selected voice.
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You can be the studious genius.  Use our highlighter and extraction study tools.

  • Choose your own highlights.  Highlight with four different colors: Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow.  
  • Customize how you want your highlights to be extracted: Based on a single color or all the colors of the highlighted information
  • Document format retention: Format of the extracted information is retained during extraction including graphics that are part of the highlighted text.
  • Highlights can be read aloud.  You can read all the highlighted information or just text in one highlight color
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Summarize to help you study effectively.

  • Quickly and efficiently identify the essential ideas of any body of electronic text or publication.
  • Easy to use.  Open your document within E-Text Reader and click on the Summarize feature.
  • Increase or reduce Summarize Percentage tailored to meet your needs.
  • Many ways to improve productivity and efficiency for research activities: summarize and read an article, save your summary to read again later, use your summary as a basis to determine use of content for research and writing assignments.
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Know exactly where you left off reading. You can bookmark and read later.  

  • Insert an unlimited number of bookmarks anywhere in your document.
  • Bookmarks can be saved so you can locate your bookmarks the next time you open your electronic document in E-Text Reader.
  • Quickly navigate from bookmark to bookmark.
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