The French Talking Dictionaryis a comprehensive dictionary that speaks.   Without leaving the current application, it allows the reader to look up a word without knowing exactly how it is spelled.  The French Talking Dictionary is the first product of its kind and is a powerful learning tool for students studying French as well as ESL students.

French Talking Dictionary includes key features:

  • 189,000 words and terms
  • Selectable English or French interface
  • “Power search” when you only know partial word spelling
  • Displays derivatives of the selected word
  • AND much more...

You can use French Talking Dictionary with other applications on your computer.

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Complete French Dictionary with Text-to-Speech

  • Displays derivatives of the selected word.
  • Keeps a history of all searched words in a particular session.
  • Compatible with other literacy technologies such as screen reader.
  • Recursive search for definitions within definitions.
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Selectable English / French Interface 

A multi-lingual interface allows the user to choose from an  English or French interface, making the French Talking Dictionary an ideal product for bilingual organizations.

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"Power Search" searches on partial spelling  

  • When you don't know the complete spelling of a word, "Power Search" can search for all words by using only partial spelling.
  • Partial spellings can be anywhere within the word (start, end or middle).
  • Candidate lists of "found" words can be read aloud for confirmation.
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