The Literacy Productivity Pack (LPP) is a suite of learning tools designed to help you with reading, writing, studying and research.  The learning tools included within the LPP can be used to read documents, enhance composition skills, look up a word or definition in the integrated dictionary / thesaurus and display the most probable words using word prediction.  It contains conceptual translation capabilities as well as tools to convert text files to audio formats such as MP3.  The LPP also enhances study skills with such features as highlighting / extraction, customizable study notes, auditory highlighting, selectable spell-check and LMIS content summarization.

The Literacy Productivity Pack is a suite of learning tools that:

  • Provides you with the tools to learn and study independently.
  • Gets you accustomed to using literacy technologies as “lifestyle tools” for long-term success beyond the classroom.
  • Fully compatible with leading edge technologies such as interactive whiteboards, surface computers, social networks, online learning and speech-to-text.
  • AND much more...
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The 12 Powerful Learning Tools Contained within the Literacy Productivity Pack 

  • Premier Launch Pad - The Launch Pad integrates all the best features of the Premier learning tools into a single place allowing users to work easily without interruption to work flow.
  • Worksheet Wizard - Great for filling out forms and annotating worksheets and PDF files. Lets you convert existing hardcopy worksheets to electronic format for completion using your computer.
  • Write Now - Writing tool optimized for working with online or proprietary applications. Works with "cloud applications" like Google Docs, email, Facebook, and word processors such as Microsoft Word.
  • Scan and Read Pro - Compatible with most flat bed scanners. Just place a book on the scanner and within a few seconds Scan and Read Pro can be reading it to you.
  • Talking Word Processor - Talking Word Processor has an integrated dictionary and the world’s most powerful talking grammar check.
  • PDF Equalizer - PDF Equalizer can access, read, work with and supplement PDF files from ANY source. Includes multi-lingual support -- dynamically change the user interface to the language of your choice in English, French or Spanish.
  • Text-To-Audio - Convert documents from your computer into MP3 audio files. Use with your personal player while you are away from your computer.
  • E-Text Reader - A tremendous study tool that allows you to highlight, bookmark, search and extract text from a document.
  • Universal Reader Plus - Ideal for reading emails and web pages.
  • English Talking Dictionary - A 250,000-word dictionary that speaks with partial word look up and fully integrated thesaurus.
  • French Talking Dictionary - A 189,000-word French Talking Dictionary with a multi-lingual interface and integrated thesaurus with partial word look-up.
  • Talking Calculator - An easy-to-use fully functional calculator that reads your calculations to you.
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Includes the Convenience of the Premier Launch Pad

The new Premier Launch Pad integrates all the best features of the Literacy Productivity Pack into a single place to make Premier tools easier to access than ever.  The Launch Pad is browser independent and is ideal for use with online testing and social networking.   The Launch Pad allows access to both online content and desktop content with equal ease.

  • Use the mouse to point and read anywhere with the Talking Pointer.
  • Use the SummIT feature to quickly summarize essential content.
  • Optimize study skills with enhanced reading and writing capabilities.
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Reading and studying PDF files got easier.

The PDF Equalizer can open up any version of a PDF file without going through a conversion or import process.  It was designed to assist users, especially students, with the growing need for electronic text.

The built-in Notes function lets you take notes and have those notes “synchronized” with the PDF page.  This means that notes you took on page 57 are displayed when you go to page 57.

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Become a better writer. You have more powerful composition and studying tools to assist you.

Talking Word Processor is an easy-to-use word processing program that combines text-to-speech capability with powerful learning technologies. It is compatible with most standard word processor files, including the latest versions of Microsoft Word, standard text, and Rich Text Formats. An integrated dictionary allows you to look up and read the definition of a word simply by double-clicking it.

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