The Powerful Premier Tools That Redefine Learning Software

Premier Literacy, a leader in the field of learning technology, offers complete and affordable reading and writing solutions. Premier is providing valuable tools for life by offering programs that recognize, validate and accommodate user needs. Innovation, affordability and portability are the defining elements of Premier products.

Premier PC Tools - Bundles

The power of Premier Literacy’s bundled solutions is unsurpassed. Each package offers the same incredible suite of learning tools, providing a collection of reading, writing and studying solutions that are designed to prepare individuals for living and learning in an ever-increasing world of digital information. Premier Literacy’s bundled solutions provide the tools required to work independently and to achieve long-term success. The tools offer support in the classroom, in the workplace and at home.

Our most popular packages include the Literacy Productivity Pack (stand-alone CD-ROM version) and our portable technology, the Premier To Go (USB).

Literacy Productivity Pack (LPP)

The Literacy Productivity Pack (LPP) is a suite of learning tools designed to help you with reading, writing, studying and research.  The learning tools included within the LPP can be used to read documents, enhance composition skills, look up a word or definition in the integrated dictionary / thesaurus and display the most probable words using word prediction.   It contains conceptual translation capabilities as well as tools to convert text files to audio formats such as MP3.  The LPP also enhances study skills with such features as highlighting / extraction, customizable study notes, auditory highlighting, selectable spell-check and LMIS content summarization.  Learn More

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Premier To Go

The Premier To Go (PTG) has redefined learning technology.  Learning challenges are not limited to a school environment.  They can be felt in school, at work and at home.  The unparalleled benefit of the Premier to Go is providing access to powerful learning technology wherever you go — whenever you need it — no installation required.  With storage space for your files, books and notes, the Premier to Go makes the ideal “electronic book bag”..  Learn More

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Premier PC Tools - Individual Products


The Worksheet Wizard is a tool optimized to work with worksheets and forms.  It is ideal for filling out forms and adding annotations to existing PDF files or worksheets.  The Worksheet Wizard solves the problem of how to work on computers with documents that seem to be designed with a pencil in mind. Learn More

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English Talking Dictionary is not only a comprehensive dictionary, but has other robust, integrated features that make it unlike any other dictionary anywhere.   The dictionary contains over 250,000 words, terms, jargon, and even proper nouns like geographic entries (e.g. cities, countries) and historical persons.  English Talking Dictionary also includes a complete thesaurus and unique "Interlink" technology that allow you to quickly find not only synonyms, but other related parts of speech and their corresponding definitions. Learn More

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The French Talking Dictionary is a comprehensive dictionary that speaks.   Without leaving the current application, it allows the reader to look up a word without knowing exactly how it is spelled. The French Talking Dictionary is the first product of its kind and is a powerful learning tool for students studying French as well as ESL students.  Learn More

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E-Text Reader is designed as an overall robust reading, writing and studying tool.  You can benefit from E-Text Reader to help read ANY electronic document in a wide variety of formats.  E-Text Reader will read the many literature titles now available in electronic format (“E-Books, or E-Text”) and documents in Standard Text, MS Word, RTF (“Rich Text Format”), HTML and DAISY formats.  It also includes the break-through auditory highlighting feature, enabling you to see and hear the most relevant parts of a document through audible changes.  Learn More

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Scan and Read Pro is a fully powered scanning application that creates an electronic file for scanned documents.  It comes complete with voice capabilities for reading, auditory highlighting, multi-lingual support and summarization features.  The program assists in reading and comprehension by highlighting each word as it is read aloud.  Its easy-to-use graphical interface lets you change the appearance of the page to fit your individual needs, using your strengths to overcome any reading weaknesses.  Learn More

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PDF Equalizer makes PDF files more accessible, more usable, and more intuitive.  It is a tremendous reading tool, a powerful study tool, and a practical writing tool.   PDF Equalizer conquers PDF limitations by giving users the ability to hear PDF files read aloud; by giving users control over how they are read; and, by giving to users to navigate complex charts and diagrams  Learn More

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Text-To-Audio is a great tool if you prefer to listen to a book rather than read it yourself!  Easily create audio files for e-Books, electronic textbooks, study notes or classroom handouts and play them on your smartphone, tablet or computer.  With Text-To-Audio, you are no longer tied to your computer once you create the audio files.   You can conveniently listen while doing other activities like waiting at appointments, traveling or exercising. Learn More

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Text Cloner is a scanning application with full OCR (Optical Character Recognition).  This is a great companion for visually impaired users who already have screen reader software.  Easily convert printed text from virtually any scanner with the press of a button.  With powerful features such as PDF Import and summarization, you can significantly benefit from more access to alternative content and more efficiently digest large volumes of electronic documents. Learn More

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Write Now is a writing tool designed to help writers of all skill levels. It helps you compose small amounts of content prior to posting them to an application.  It is compatible with ANY online or proprietary applications that require textual input including Cloud-based applications like Google Docs™, email, and Facebook.  The many built-in composition features ensure content is correct BEFORE it becomes a permanent post into a document or in the Cloud.  Write Now is valuable in preventing published writing mistakes.   Learn More

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Talking Word Processor is an easy-to-use, fully-functional word processor with text-to-speech capability.  It includes word prediction, content summarization, highlight/extract capabilities, integrated dictionary and a variety of tools to assist in proofing your documents.   Talking Word Processor works with all industry-standard file formats.  It is an invaluable tool for teaching word processing and for general literacy.  You can use Talking Word Processor to write and organize documents easily and efficiently.  Learn More

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