Scan and Read Pro is a fully-powered scanning application that creates an electronic file for scanned documents.  It comes complete with voice capabilities for reading, auditory highlighting, multi-lingual support and summarization features.  The program assists in reading and comprehension by highlighting each word as it is read aloud.  Its easy-to-use graphical interface lets you change the appearance of the page to fit your individual needs, using your strengths to overcome any reading weaknesses.  

Scan and Read Pro includes key features:

  • Full Color or Black and White scanning.
  • Can open existing electronic documents (e.g., MS WORD).
  • Adjustable spacing for lines, words and characters.
  • Selectable voices with adjustable voice rates.
  • Automatic image rotation and alignment.
  • Works with any USB TWAIN compatible scanner.
  • AND much more...
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Built-in Tools to Help with Reading and Writing

  • Powerful built-in dictionary that reads aloud.
  • Improve your writing with a built-in thesaurus.
  • Zooms (magnifies) up to 400%.
  • Underlining misspelled words in red.
  • Word prediction.
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Powerful Highlighting for Studying

  • Highlight by Word, Sentence or Paragraph while reading.
  • Auditory Highlighting: A concept designed to assist students in distinguishing the most relevant parts of a document through audible changes in the way it is read.
  • Extract highlighted portions to create study notes.
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Premier’s Powerful Summarization Tool

  • Serves as an invaluable comprehension tool, a reading tool and a writing tool.
  • Select your level of summarization (i.e. 50%, 25%, 1%, etc.).
  • Create multiple summaries in the same document.
  • Selectable highlight colors for summarization.
  • Add or remove information from the summary using built-in highlighters.
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