Text Cloner is a scanning application with full OCR (Optical Character Recognition).  This is a great companion for visually impaired users who already have screen reader software.  Converts printed text from virtually any scanner with the press of a button.  With powerful features such as PDF Import and summarization, you can significantly benefit from more access to alternative content and more efficiently digest large volumes of electronic documents.

Text Cloner includes key features:

  • High-performance scanning with One-touch functionality and Image Cleanup
  • Table, Image and Paragraph retention
  • Supports multiple file formats including PDF files.
  • AND much more...

Text Cloner Pro is specially designed to work with your existing screen reader, so you won't have to spend lots of time learning new commands or features. You'll be up and reading within minutes! 

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High-performance scanning features mean less time scanning and more time reading

  • Features a high-performance Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine
  • One-touch functionality, using single button keys
  • Incorporates two different scanning methods: high-speed scanning (ignores pictures and will not reproduce tables) and high-detailed scanning (includes images, tables and recommended for documents with watermarks, colored backgrounds, or very complicated layouts)
  • Quick text recognition that cleans up defects in the image prior to text recognition, increasing OCR accuracy to nearly 100%
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You can choose your own type of document output. 

  • Provides three different output types: Text Only, Text and Images, and Text Tables and Images
  • Automatically removes columns and puts the text in continuous reading format
  • Retains font type and size of original document.
  • Automatically de-hyphenates words to ensure smooth reading by screen readers
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Working with multiple types of documents just got easier.

  • Import PDF feature allows you to open up a PDF to have it read aloud by your screen reader.
  • Supports Daisy formatted documents that can be converted into one of 6 different file types. Convert a Daisy formatted document to an MS WORD document that you can also edit.
  • Allows you to save your scanned document as industry standard file formats such as TEXT, RTF ("Rich Text Format") or MS WORD so you can easily open up your electronic documents to work in other applications.
  • Full-featured word processor with built-in 100,000+ word spell checker
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