Text-To-Audio is a great if you prefer to listen to a book rather than read it yourself!  Easily create audio files for e-Books, electronic textbooks, study notes or classroom handouts and play them on your smartphone, tablet or computer.  With Text-To-Audio, you are no longer tied to your computer once you create the audio files.  You can conveniently listen while doing other activities like waiting at appointments, traveling or exercising.

Text-To-Audio includes key features:

  • Converts many standard document file formats to MP3 or WAV audio
  • Options for audio file durations
  • Preset your preferred voice and rate
  • Incorporate your own notes in the document for inclusion in the audio file
  • Convert multiple documents in a single batch.
  • AND much more...

With Text-To-Audio, you can also access files from your local drive and Cloud-based storage services such as Google Drive™ and Dropbox™. 

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Listen to Your Assignments, Textbooks and Study Notes Anywhere

  • Quickly convert your electronic documents, including PDF files and eBooks, into audio files you can listen to wherever you are.
  • Converted audio files play on any MP3-compatible device, like your smartphone, tablet, or iPod.
  • Be an efficient learner. You can study even when you're not at your computer!
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