Talking Word Processor

Talking Word Processor is an easy-to-use, full-featured word processor with text-to-speech capability.  It includes word prediction, content summarization, highlight/extract capabilities, integrated dictionary and a variety of tools to assist in proofing your documents.  Talking Word Processor works with all industry-standard file formats.  It is an invaluable tool for teaching word processing and for general literacy.  You can use Talking Word Processor to write and organize documents easily and efficiently. 

Talking Word Processor includes key features:

  • Word Prediction
  • Read text aloud
  • Composition and studying tools: Talking Dictionary, Thesaurus, SpellCheck, Word Repeat, Sentence Repeat and Highlight/Extract
  • Summary
  • AND much more...

With Talking Word Processor, you can also access files from your local drive and Cloud-based storage services such as Google Drive™ and Dropbox™. 

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You select the right word every time

  • Simple to use, just click on the Prediction icon and start typing.
  • Floating word list window automatically updates to commonly-used words as you type.
  • Significantly reduce the number of key strokes you need to make by selecting the the right word from the list of the most probable words.
  • Customize settings such as font size and user libraries can be configured to meet your specific needs. 
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Read independently. Choose how you want to read.  

  • A wide variety of Reading Options based on your individual learning style including highlight word tracking by word only, word and sentence or word and paragraph.
  • Customizable background colors and font size of text being read aloud to you.
  • Adjustable voice rate allows you to control the speed of the selected voice.
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Become a better writer.  You have more powerful composition and studying tools to assist you.

  • Proofread and learn by listening as you type using Word Repeat and Sentence Repeat.
  • Use the built-in 250,000 + word Talking Dictionary plus Thesaurus.
  • Correct misspelled words that are underlined in red using SpellCheck. You can also have misspelled words Auto Correct as you type or bring up a list of suggested words so you can choose the right word.
  • Highlight and Extract text for creating your own studying notes. 
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Want a powerful research got it.

  • Premier's breakthrough LMIS (Language Model Information Summary) technology is based on proven academic research taking into account the linguistic elements of content versus strictly formula-based content structure. 
  • LMIS analyzes and determines the concepts or themes of your document or article to provide you with an accurate summary. 
  • Many ways to improve productivity and efficiency for research activities: summarize and read your Word documents, save your summary to read again later, use your summary as a basis to determine use of content for research and writing assignments.
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