Magic for Making Worksheets and Forms Accessible

The Worksheet Wizard is a tool optimized to work with worksheets and forms.   It is ideal for filling out forms and adding annotations to existing PDF files or worksheets.   The Worksheet Wizard solves the problem of how to work with documents on the computers that seem to be designed with a pencil in mind.

Worksheet Wizard includes key features such as::

  • Works with all PDF files.
  • Answers can be  typed directly into the worksheet, eliminating the need for text boxes.
  • Highlight directly on the worksheet in multiple colors.
  • Draw and erase freehand directly on the worksheet, similar to working with a pencil.
  • AND much more...

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Working with the Worksheet Wizard is easy and uncomplicated.  It works with files in PDF format.  The Wizard includes a scanning feature that allows the user to scan documents directly into the application.  To begin using the Wizard, simply select the open button and select the desired file.  The Worksheet Wizard displays it in the main view window.  Select the Worksheet Tab and use the desired tools for editing text.

  • Write Mode – to type within the PDF document.
  • Draw Mode – to draw freehand within the PDF document.
  • Text Box – to select a desired region for typing.
  • Erase Mode – to freehand erase added text or drawings.
  • Edit Text Mode – to edit text that has already been saved to the document.

Write on your worksheet

Once Writing mode has been activated, click within the worksheet in the desired typing location.  The cursor appears at the location of the click and indicates the user can begin typing. Press enter to start a new line or press backspace to delete a character.

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Draw on your worksheet

Worksheets and forms are often created with a pencil in mind. Answers are meant to be circled and boxes are meant to be checked. Designed to simplify working with forms and worksheets, the Wizard includes a Draw Freehand feature that allows the mouse to be used like a pencil. The Worksheet Wizard provides options for line thickness as well as color. Lines drawn freehand within the Wizard can also be erased as easily as one erases a line drawn with a pencil.

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