Dictation in Chrome Made Easy

One Click Dictation

One Click Dictation allows you to use the microphone of your computer to read content and have it converted to text that can be edited and used in other applications. Speech-to-Text made easy 

One Click Dictation includes key features:

  • Simply click the microphone to begin and start talking.
  • See the words appear in the view screen.
  • Easily copy and pasted into any application.
  • Add or edit text within the view window.
  • Canadian and American spelling options for specific dictated words.
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Voice Commands

  • Voice commands allow you to have a smoother speech-to-text experience.
  • Add new paragraphs, punctuation and “emojis” with simple voice commands.
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Customize Your Dictation Experience

  • Premier Dictation for Chrome recognizes the Canadian and American spelling of such words as colour and flavor.
  • Select how your dictation tool reads by selecting voice and speed.
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