Easily obtain, search and read definitions online aloud. 

One Click Dictionary

One Click Dictionary is not only a comprehensive dictionary, but has other robust, integrated features that make it unlike any other dictionary anywhere.  The dictionary contains over 250,000 words, terms, jargon, and even proper nouns like geographic entries (e.g. cities, countries) and historical persons.  One Click Dictionary also includes a complete thesaurus and unique "Interlink" technology that allow you to quickly find not only synonyms, but other related parts of speech and their corresponding definitions. 

One Click Dictionary includes key features:

  • Over 250,000 words and terms
  • Read definitions aloud
  • Voice input - Just say the word you want to look up
  • Partial Spelling Lookup
  • Integrated Thesaurus /Interlink

One Click Dictionary is an ideal tool for improving reading, writing, studying and research skills of all students

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Complete and comprehensive lexicon with voice dictation

  • Over 250,000 words and terms.
  • Includes in-depth definitions and even identifies articles of speech
  • Sample sentences include target words used in context
  • Not sure how to spell a word?  Just speak it!  Voice dictation allows you to simply speak the word you want to look up.
  • Definitions can be read aloud
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"Find a Word" searches on partial spelling

  • When you don't know the complete spelling of a word, "Find a Word" can search for all words by using only partial spelling
  • Partial spellings can be anywhere within the word (start, end, or middle).
  • Candidate lists of "found" words can be read aloud for confirmation
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Vocabulary Champion!!

  • One of the most valuable tools available to improve your vocabulary
  • Thesaurus is directly integrated with the Dictionary
  • Advanced "Interlink" technology goes beyond traditional thesaurus to provide ready access to other related words such as antonyms, "causes", "parts of", "causes", "types of", "attributes, etc.
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