Summarize any online articles, books and more. Read your summaries aloud. 

One Click Summarizer

One Click Summarizer is a powerful studying tool designed to help you wade through the extensive volumes of information.  You can summarize text-based content from various sources (e.g. news, stories, online books, Google Docs, PDF files, emails), saving you time and resources by letting you concentrate on a concise summary of information--improving your studying and research activities 

One Click Summarizer includes key features:

  • User controlled Summarize percentage.
  • Read text aloud.
  • Academic research-based Language Model Information Summary (LMIS) technology.

You can also use One Click Summarizer to summarize your documents from your local drive and Cloud-based storage services such as Google Drive™ and Dropbox™.

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You choose what & how much you want to summarize

  • Easy to use, simply copy and paste content then click Summarize.
  • Increase or reduce Summarize Percentage tailored to meet your needs.
  • Quickly and efficiently identify the essential ideas of any body of text or publication from in the Cloud or on your desktop.
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YES, You can READ independently        

  • Have text read aloud for you with Premier’s built-in Reader
  • Words can be highlighted in your color choice and tracked as you read.
  • Adjustable voice rate allows you to control the speed of the selected voice
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Want a powerful research got it.  

  • Premier's breakthrough LMIS (Language Model Information Summary) technology is based on proven academic research taking into account the linguistic elements of content versus strictly formula based content structure.
  • LMIS analyzes and determines the concepts or themes of your document or article to provide you with an accurate summary.  
  • Many ways to improve productivity and efficiency for research activities: summarize and read an article on-the-go while directly online, save your summary to read again later, use your summary as a basis to determine use of content for research and writing assignments.
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