Read, Write, Draw, Highlight...Making PDF Files Accessible 

Worksheet Wizard Tool 

The Worksheet Wizard Tool lets you read and edit PDF files.  You can use your computer in much the same way you use a pencil on worksheets, tests, forms and more.

Worksheet Wizard Tool includes key features:

  • Read any text aloud
  • Text highlight
  • Writing/drawing capabilities
  • Create and edit annotations
  • Dictate text in the edit window
  • AND much more.

Using the Worksheet Wizard Tool, you can hear worksheets read aloud, add notes and text boxes, draw within your worksheet, and highlight sections as needed.  We even included writing support tools like Word Prediction, Spell Check and Voice Dictation to make adding text SIMPLE!

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Hear What Your PDF Files Have to Say

  • Hear the content of your PDF files read aloud.
  • Working within Worksheet Wizard is easy and uncomplicated, so you can work independently
  • Select the parts of the document you would like to hear read aloud.
  • Read any part of the PDF file, including image captions.
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Write with Confidence Using Built-in Support Tools

  • Just say what you want typed, and the Dictation tool types it for you.
  • Type a few characters of a word and use Word Prediction to fill in the rest.
  • Have your text read aloud to you so you can listen for errors.
  • Use Spell Check to look for typos before you turn in your quiz or test.
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Highlight the Important Information 

  • Highlight and read with a purpose and capture important information.
  • Become a critical reader organize what you read.
  • Organize what you read.
  • Simple to use, just click on Text Highlight and start highlighting.
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