Writing in Chrome Made Easy

Talking Word Processor 

Premier's Talking Word Processor for Google Chrome is an easy-to-use, full-featured word processor with text-to-speech capability. It includes text dictation, word prediction, content summarization, integrated dictionary and a variety of tools to assist in proofing your documents. Talking Word Processor for Google Chrome works with industry-standard word processing file formats. It is an invaluable tool for teaching word processing and for general literacy. You can use Talking Word Processor to write and organize documents easily and efficiently.

Talking Word Processor includes key features:

  • Read any text aloud
  • Dictate directly for composition assistance
  • 250,000+ word Dictionary
  • Word Prediction
  • Summary and Writing Analysis
  • AND much more.
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Read independently.

  • Choose how you want to read.
  • Text-to-Speech for selected content or for entire document
  • Read any type of accessible file format aloud.
  • Adjustable voice and rate for personal preferences.
  • Listen to text you typed to assist in proofing your writing.
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You do the talking, we do the typing.

  • You can type text and/or Dictate text into a document
  • No voice training required to use Dictation
  • Simply click the microphone to begin and start talking.
  • Auto-paste dictated text into your Talking Word Processor document.
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Easily search for definitions and get assistance for suggested words. 

  • Use the built-in 250,000+ word Dictionary.
  • Select the right word every time using Word Prediction.
  • Word Prediction feature includes a moveable window, option to read Word List aloud and auto-add to a document. Simply start typing text and Word Prediction suggests words for you.
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You have more powerful composition and studying tools to assist you.

  • Quickly and efficiently identify the essential ideas of any body of text or publication using Summary. Use your summary as a basis to determine use of content for research and writing assignments.
  • Use Writing Stats to analyze written content and provide information on word and sentence count.
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