Training - Going the extra mile to ensure your success

Onsite Training

Premier Literacy regularly conducts classes for entire institutions to fully teach and demonstrate all of the products in the Premier Literacy Suite in a hands-on environment as a means of fast-tracking your implementation. Typically, these classes qualify as "in service" time for all teachers.

This is option works well when you have a complete professional development day set aside for  a comprehensive training session. We coordinate with you and your IT staff in advance to ensure that the sessions are successful and cover the tools most relevant to your needs.


Premier Literacy webinars provide organizations with the flexibility and ease for planning and training staff. Webinars can supplement your scheduled Premier Onsite Training session or be integrated in your overall training strategy in stages and customized based on your needs.

When you schedule a Premier Literacy webinar, we set up a private online session for your staff that's tailored to the content you want covered during the one-hour webinar.

Training Videos

Each of Premier Literacy's tools contains a series of training videos on key features of the product. Videos are 5 to 10 minutes each and can be viewed at any time to learn or review tool features and functions.

If you are implementing the Premier Literacy Suite in your schools, watch our video on Keys to Successful Implementation.

If you want to learn more about what product is most appropriate for a specific task, check out our Product Choices video. You can always call us at 815-927-7390 if you have additional questions.